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Adventure Begins by GoldenPoncho
Adventure Begins
How long has it been, 8 months?

Yeah, so, I HAD to redesign Riley for yet another time, and I'm hoping this is the last one. I decided to go back to her original hair color. I think I'm gonna stick with these civilian clothes too. They're much more interesting than the t-shirt and pants I had her in before. Not sure if I'll go back to the fic again, but if I do, it's gonna get a major overhaul. It should have the same basic structure, though. But then again, I don't know how many people are still watching here who are still interested in it.

Oh, and for anyone new here, this is Riley, a fan-character for Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates that I've had for about ten years now.
Tweet Tweet by GoldenPoncho
Tweet Tweet
I have fallen for yet another chubby, top hatted man. Forgot how adorable this guy was in The Animate Series. And the soothing voice of Paul Williams doesn't hurt either.
Sybil O'Callahan by GoldenPoncho
Sybil O'Callahan
Made a few tweaks to her clothes.

Like I said before, Sybil is a taxidermist, and the bigger and more terrifying she can make her creations the better. Since she's the daughter of a doctor (her mother), she's high enough in class to attend Lord Portley-Rind's parties, though there are some in Cheesebridge who look down on her family for being part of the "nouveaux riche". However, Portley-Rind respects them well enough.

Not long after the "Trubshaw Baby" insident, the O'Callahans move into Cheesebridge, and after hearing about the boxtrolls, Sybil is quite keen on getting her hands on a specimen herself and figures the Boxtroll Exterminators down on Curd's Way should have plenty to spare.

I've got a lot of ideas for her, but it's still pretty jumbled and up in the air at this point, so that's all I have to share for now.
Sybil by GoldenPoncho
Bet y'all thought I was done making OCs for things, didn't ya. Actually, I've just been lazy...

This is Sybil, my Boxtrolls OC. I had her in my head (or at least some version of her) almost since I first saw the movie this time last year. Anyway, she's into some pretty extreme taxidermy, being the daughter of a doctor and a mortician. I've got some ideas of how she relates to some of the canon characters, but I don't have it 100% figured out yet. One thing I have decided is that she provides Snatcher with the leeches that he often (and desperately) needs.

This probably isn't her final design, but it's getting pretty close. I'll probably put this one in scraps later since the image quality is pretty bad.
Red Hat Ladies by GoldenPoncho
Red Hat Ladies
I've been meaning to draw these girls for a while. This is Molly and Pepper, and they are the Boxtrolls OCs of :iconsharkbitegal: and :iconkiwi-birdie:. It was really fun to figure out how to draw them in my own style. Image quality sucks because I just took a picture of them with my phone instead of actually scanning them in. I'll probably color them later, though.



United States
I'm an aspiring concept artist, and this is my personal deviantart. I'm a fan of Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates, Beetlejuice (especially the cartoon), and most Disney movies. I tend to jump around fandoms a lot, and a lot of my interests are driven by nostalgia.

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